The idea of health, a large number of advanced architectural design and artificial turf construction technology is also used

Especially the overhead corridor has solved as many as 150 thousand people safe evacuation and the human vehicle shunting. Dig up the mountain lake, forming a mountain with water, lush vegetation, the decoration of the new building in the meantime of the park, loved and praised by the people. Covering Paris Bercy stadium is also create new styles, a natural environment space, let people find everything fresh and new desalination of artificial traces. Modern sports is not only people¡¯s leisure time entertainment and exercise, but also shows people¡¯s pursuit of good, healthy, United, progressive and beyond the limit of the lofty ideals. Therefore, the modern sports building all this concept into the design and construction of their own, but also for the expression of the healthy and upward thoughts, a lot of advanced architectural design and construction of artificial turf technology will use them.
The design concept, full consideration of the venue after the operation, maintenance and management. Very prominent humanity, pay attention to the diversification of the use function, but also pay attention to in the construction phase for multifunctional,Shu Shi reserved conditions along with the extensive application of modern scientific and technological achievements in sports activities, venues and equipment has become more and more professional, and system, and as the halo of energy saving and environmental protection, natural lighting and natural ventilation is widely used, some venues set energy recovery system, in order to achieve the purpose of saving energy and protect the environment.

Sports building is also increasingly focused on new materials, new technology and other characteristics of the display. The reinforced concrete structure is strong, the steel structure member¡¯s light, the streamline shape of the cable, the beautiful pattern of the reticulated shell, the beautiful and structure of the membrane, etc. In modern society, material civilization and the rapid development of science and technology, the development of modern sports can be said canthus has entered a new stage, sports shows more and more important role in people¡¯s life, the sports industry presents a huge market potential. As one of the material carriers of sports industry, sports architecture will play a more important role in the future development. In the 2l century, the development of urban economic development will play a powerful boost function.

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