Management of artificial turf

Management includes the management of special tools and artificial turf.
A special tool
The main tools for artificial turf field should be equipped with broom, mop, dustbin and so on.
1 broom
As far as possible on the market at present commonly used nylon silk soft broom,
2 oil mop
The general use of cotton, linen, cloth quality with a cleaning agent of the mop.
3 litter bin
Generally placed at the door or rest chair next to. Each site is usually at least one garbage can be prepared for the players to throw mineral water bottles, balls, fruit and other debris.
(two) management of artificial turf
The management of artificial turf site should pay attention to the need to wear soft soled shoes, keep clean, prohibit the use of heavy equipment, mobile equipment, such as light, etc.
1 No admittance without approval
The site shall not be approved by the competent authority or the competent authority. No unit or individual shall be allowed to engage in training or activities.
2 must wear soft soled shoes
Athletes, referees and staff who enter the venue must wear soft soled shoes, and no dirt or sand and other debris on the soles of the shoes,other staff members must wear thick I temporary entry hall.
Cloth shoes,it is forbidden to wear leather shoes, high heels and spikes in.
3 keep clean
It is strictly prohibited to sprinkle water everywhere in the venue, littering, cigarette butts, metal products and with sharp items, the venue is strictly prohibited smoking, spitting.
4 prohibit the use of heavy equipment
Prohibit playing football, throwing heavy equipment in the field. It is strictly prohibited to carry on the surface of the surface of the consignment or rolling objects, in order to prevent damage to the surface of the floor.
5 equipment moving gently handle
Fixed equipment shall not be moved at will. Before and after the match arrangement and cleaning equipment, attention should be paid to take care of the light, not on the field of equipment, such as the installation of the Museum
Construction should be in the construction site on the floor above the protective layer before construction.
Two, artificial turf site maintenance and maintenance
The maintenance and maintenance of the site is an important measure to protect the artificial turf floor.

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