Product knowledge
Material type of straw£ºPA (nylon), PP (polypropylene), PE (polyethylene), PE (polyethylene) +PP (PP)
PP (polypropylene)£ºGenerally used in leisure places, the price is low, grass silk feel harder
PE (polyethylene)£ºGenerally used in sports venues, good wear resistance, good rebound
PE (polyethylene) +PP (PP)£º
Commonly used in landscape places, kindergartens and other places
The shape of straw£º
Reticular filament¡¢Monofilament
There are a large number of wire mesh in the performance of many sites China, monofilament became popular in recent years, its appearance is closer to natural grass, beautiful appearance, wear a slight advantage, the price is usually higher than that of wire mesh¡£

Turf height
At the height of the European market for football turf is usually 60mm, domestic habits height is 40-55mm, the height of the lawn with the same density, the higher the cost of filling material and labor costs, will also increase, in general about 50mm can be used to meet.
The height of the lawn is usually the higher the density of the 7-15mm. lawn, the higher the cost, the higher the height, the higher the cost.
Lawn grass is usually used for 20-40mm, the higher the turf density, the higher the cost, the higher the height, the higher the cost

Pound pound
Fallow grass is usually divided into 2400 DTEX,3300DTEX
Landscape grass 9000 DTEX,11000 DTEX,12500 DTEX,13500 DTEX
Football field is divided into 6800 DTEX ,8800 DTEX,9500 DTEX,12000 DTEX etc.£¬That is the weight per million meters of straw silk. Usually the football field uses 8800 DTEX above

Turf density
The density of fallow grass is usually: 50500-80640 / m2
The density of grass is usually£º13650-21000/ m2
The density of the football field is usually: 10500 / m2
However, turf density and pound weight and height are related, the higher the height or the higher the weight, the lower the density can be set, which are closely related to the unit price

The bottom cloth back way
Usually for SBR latex adhesive£¬

Fabric type
It is usually divided into single bottom cloth, composite bottom cloth, single layer + yarn rob bottom cloth, composite + yarn cloth cloth, composite + yarn rob the bottom of the tensile strength is relatively high
Common problems of artificial turf products
Imported grass and domestic silk
Some people mistakenly think that the grass is better than that of imported domestic grass, in fact, imported products and domestic products, should use quality standard to evaluate the quality of the product, does not apply to the origin of identity recognition, and should use testing and certification of professional testing data and scientific selection evaluation. In 2000, the factory grass domestic production has just started, production process, material formulation, enterprise scale in the city and other reasons, the average level of imports and grass have some differences, but today, many well-known domestic enterprises have already exceeded the international trade technical barrier, products are exported to overseas, early and abroad the brand in the international market with the utmost. The idea that the imported grass silk is better than that of domestic grass is too old and objective science.

Straw color
There is a perception that the deeper the color of yarn quality is better, in fact, there is no basis in fact, the depth depends on the color depth of Color Masterbatch, and no quality association, the life of the main yarn and anti UV additives about quality and quantity ratio.

Base color
Some people mistakenly think that green cloth is the environmental protection base cloth, in fact if the bottom cloth made of green pigment, additives will increase, but not conducive to environmental protection, and the anti UV performance index will decrease; in site laying after the bottom cloth is filled completely covering materials, properties of the color appearance, had no effect on the site.
Artificial turf core performance index
Warrior performance
Artificial turf back with good performance, more suitable for running, exercise, more effective to prevent athletes fall, closer to the natural lawn.

Wear resistance
The artificial turf with good abrasion resistance is more durable and has long service life.

Aging resistance
The temperature and humidity adjustment set, using the WOM simulation of normal solar ultraviolet radiation, artificial turf, artificial climate simulation, to achieve the set time, to observe the changes and test of artificial turf color and related physical properties, known as artificial turf anti-aging performance test
Under normal weather conditions, anti-aging properties of strong artificial turf, not easy to fade, not easy to brittle, strong anti-aging properties of the artificial turf color is more durable, more stable, rarely out of grass seedlings, longer service life.

Environmental performance
According to the REACH standard of 181 highly concerned about the detection of toxic and harmful chemicals, with heavy metal environmental performance test report
Artificial lawn and the human body every day close contact, good environmental performance of artificial turf in order to ensure the greatest degree of human health.

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