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Lvyin Artificial Turf£¬Focus on science and technology, people-oriented!
Wuxi Lvyin Artificial Turf Co.,ltd. is a manufacturer specializing in the production of various types of artificial turf after the years of development, the company has a number of tufting equipment and advanced finishing equipment, full computer control of the production line, high cutting precision, tufted symmetry, good consistency, can produce high grass 7mm 60mm (adjustable), artificial turf wide 4.2m, length up to 100m different specifications, finishing equipment using automatic gluing machine, high temperature glue permeation drying qualitative, ensure artificial turf production of high temperature cold, not easy to deformation, long service life. Products sold at home and abroad, and gradually consolidate the market position and stability of the customer base, and has become an influential brand in the domestic artificial turf industry.
Lvyin Grass artificial turf is made of high quality artificial grass fiber to ensure the long lasting performance and color. The series is suitable for football, tennis, hockey, baseball, golf and multi-purpose stadium, this product has a natural grass appearance with similar performance, drainage speed, durability, anti UV, corrosion, mildew, environmental protection, easy maintenance, all kinds of sports venues is preferred.
Wuxi Lvyin Artificial Turf As a professional lawn manufacturing enterprises, with professional business philosophy, strict quality assurance system, a strong R & D capability and superb technical experience and accurate market positioning, standardized management system, professional technology and services in the domestic lawn industry establish a good corporate image reputation.
Lvyin grass has always been focusing on science and technology, people-oriented ", now has a rich experience, excellent quality of staff, from product development, engineering design, overall planning, construction, maintenance, system operation ability of the whole process of customer service service.
Love the Lvyin Grass, always enjoy the natural! Green lawn will be committed to the development of national sports. Improve national physical fitness. Sincerely hope that with the community to work together to jointly promote China¡¯s sports career to a higher level¡£
Market Development
Lvyin Artificial Turf Co.,ltd. Has the domestic first-class professional and technical personnel, composed of artificial turf carpet has a first-class comprehensive ability to develop professional and technical team, will fully implement the various raw materials, technology, color, structure, create green artificial lawn carpet, high-grade and novel, unique brand image, provides a strong backing for the development of green the market at home and abroad.
Production Management
The modern artificial lawn carpet production line after processing and finishing, and operation and staff quality assurance and carpet every process of the work of skilled degree and responsibility is closely related to the Lvyin artificial turf of ad hoc professional production management department, set up a group of professional personnel on the green carpet from artificial turf the carpet surface, finishing materials, and finished products, packaging and transportation and other comprehensive tracking and inspection, to ensure that each batch of goods on time and quality of storage. There are full-time inspectors on the final storage of each batch of product quality sampling inspection to ensure quality products to the hands of customers. Therefore, the quality of artificial turf carpet at home and abroad on the market well received.
Market Network
Wuxi Lvyin Artificial Turf Co.,ltd. Combined with the major cities across the country to join the green artificial lawn carpet company and the elite, set up headquarters in Wuxi, the national each big city marketing network, set up a number of branch offices and authorized dealers, training of a high-quality, professional sales team management ability. Through the network, so green artificial turf has full market.

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