[ 2017/3/29 ]
Wuxi Lvyin Artificial Turf Co.,ltd. Shanghai exhibition, the German exhibition details.
[ 2017/3/24 ]
Especially the overhead corridor has solved as many as 150 thousand people safe evacuation and the human vehicle shunting. Dig up the mountain lake, forming a mountain with water, lush vegetation, the decoration of the new building in the meantime of the park, loved and praised by the people. Covering Paris Bercy stadium is also create new styles, a natural environment space, let people find everything fresh and new desalination of artificial tra...
[ 2017/3/24 ]
Management includes the management of special tools and artificial turf. A special tool,the main tools for artificial turf field should be equipped with broom, mop, dustbin and so on. 1 broom, as far as possible on the market at present commonly used nylon silk soft broom, 2 oil mop, The general use of cotton, linen, cloth quality with a cleaning agent of the mop. 3 litter bin, Generally placed at the door or rest chair next to. Each site ...
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